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Directflight is an Airtask Group company that provides bespoke mission based aviation solutions to Government and Commercial customers.  It specialises in the delivery of turnkey operational and technical solutions tailored to meet specific requirements which includes the provision of host aircraft, operating protocols, mission systems, role equipment, modification design, manufacture , installation, testing and certification.

Directflight is an established Air Operator Certificate (AOC) holder and operates in compliance with Commercial Air Transport regulations.

Directflight provides proven expertise in Special Mission Operations including :

  • Global Atmospheric Research
  • Maritime Aerial Surveillance
  • MOD Range Surveillance
  • Aerial Survey and Photography
  • Pollution Monitoring
  • Environmental Survey
  • Remote Region Operation
  • Search and Rescue

Directflight has consistently demonstrated an ability to confront new and difficult aviation challenges. By the provision of specialised aircraft and equipment, personnel and procedures, the company continues to develop and deliver successful solutions to meet special mission requirements. Directflight is headquartered at Cranfield Airport in Bedfordshire from where its UK and Overseas operations are managed. Directflight’s Maritime Surveillance operations are based at Inverness Airport.